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With our broad experience and excellent contacts we specialise in International Business Expansion of SME's in Switzerland and abroad. We guide and support companies with a proven business model and with the aim to expand their presence in either their own country or in new markets around the world. The foundation of your Success is our excellent global network of highly professional growth experts in Western Europe, Asia and Middle East. Ready for You to use - talk to us!


Looking for fast and continuous growth?

This is the specialist hands-on results based consulting program that can be tailored to your own requirements. It will re-invigorate you, your business and your staff. You will develop a growing loyal and profitable customer base. Build Secure Foundations For Growth: Most businesses operate in crowded marketplaces, riddled with competition. Standing out from your competitors is your main goal. Differentiate to be more easily seen. This is what we call innovative positioning. Win And Keep Customers: Then, put into place a systemised and extensive Sales and Marketing plan. Test and measure all marketing and business activities. Keep the ones that lead to profits and capital growth. Systemise Your Business: Once your business is systemised and documented, delegation is no longer a problem. Everyone will have a clearly defined role, a chain of command, a set of tasks and procedures which, in turn, will lead to clearly defined outcomes that can be measured against set targets.

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